1. Choose your platform

"Way to Go!" will be available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Choose your favorite platform to play the game.Image "PressAnyKeyIcon.png"

2. 406 Levels

"Way to Go!" has a total number of 406 handcrafted levels - many hours of fun guaranteed!Image "RobEggLiz.png"

3. The characters

The cute heroes of the game are truly unique characters. Each of them has two special skills and a unique style. And all of them are just fun to watch.Image "AchievementPathCrates.png"

4. Trophies

You get nice trophies for solving puzzles and gorgeous ones for finding perfect solutions. Watch your main menu getting decorated with fancy trophies as you make progress.

Image "Home:Line.png"

Additional good stuff

The special features we added make "Way to Go!" a forgiving and user-friendly game.

Special features in detail

1. Placing commands

Image "OrderEat.jpg"Place commands before starting a level or when the characters move or when the game is paused. Pause a level at any time to change the sequence of commands. The game is all about solving the puzzles, not about timing or fast reactions.

2. Rewind

Image "StepBack_01.jpg"You made a mistake? No problem! Just rewind as many steps as you like. Test your ideas and correct errors without having to restart the whole level.

3. Step counting

Image "StepCounter.jpg"Story and Mission levels have a perfect solution, which is the one with the least steps. Solving a puzzle is one thing, but can you master them and find the perfect solution?

4. Replays

Image "ReviewButton.jpg"The game records a replay of your best solution for every level. Use them to search for ways of saving steps. Just watch a replay and jump in at any point to play on from there.