The story

Image "TreeFullSunshine_Large.jpg"Something terrible has happened! A thief has stolen the gems from the holy tree causing distrust between nations. The peace of the land is in danger!

Only the members of the peaceloving small folks still trust each other. So the keeper of the Temple of Peace sends his friends Rob, Egg and Liz on a mission to get the gems back.

Help the brave little heroes to find their way through increasingly difficult puzzles. Only if they return all the gems, peace and trust among nations can be restored.

The game

"Way to Go!" is a puzzle game for gamers of every age. The rule set is simple but allows for surprisingly tricky puzzles.

Image "OrderEat.jpg"The basic game idea is that you guide the characters to the exit of the level by giving them orders (e.g. "turn left on the next occasion"). Orders are simply dragged and dropped onto floor tiles. When the characters walk over them they pick them up.

Image "EggIngame_Eating.jpg"The game has over 400 levels, reaching from very easy to really complex. Play the story levels and unlock the challenging missions and three additional game modes.

The hardware requirements are low. The game runs fine on smaller or older computers. "Way to Go!" will be available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.