Image "Rob.png"Rob is one of the friendly Robots who live on the asteroids. He and his people do a lot of science up there. Although they can live in thin air they changed the conditions on the asteroids to make them accessible for everybody.

The robots love having visitors and showing them the beauty of the stars and the fantastic panoramic vistas.

Their research is not finished yet, but the conditions for visitors are a lot better than they used to be. If you've always dreamt of visiting space, meet with Rob and his people. They will be glad to assist you and make sure you have a safe stay.


Image "Egg.png"Egg and his people live in the mountains. The Fur Eggs are peaceful and friendly creatures who know a lot about nature. They live in perfect harmony with the land.

Humans call them the good spirits of the mountains. There are many reports of people who got lost in the mountains and were helped or rescued by the Fur Eggs.

The most famous story is the one of the well-known mountain climber Jack Washburn and his crew. During one of their expeditions they were surprised by a terrible snow storm. They lost most of their equipment and got trapped in the snow when they were found by some Fur Eggs.

The Eggs called their tribe members and took the adventurers to a cave nearby. Then they brought food for Jack and his crew. It was some delicious mushroom meal that Jack still keeps praising as "the best **** food I ever tasted". The Eggs cuddled up to the crew and kept them warm for three days until the snow storm was over.
Jack still sees that trip as one of his greatest adventures. "Meeting the Fur Eggs and getting to know their peaceful ways made me a better person" he said.


Image "Liz.png"
Liz and her people are living in the hot lands to the south. They are immune to fire and heat.

Lizards are curious creatures and like visiting neighboring countries. They have many friends among other folks and are most welcome there. In winter they help people getting their homes warm by using their fire breath to light their firesides and helping to chop wood with slashes of their tales.

Maybe the best way to express your appreciation of the Lizards is to say "happiness is a Lizard by your fireside". That means, that you have a safe and warm place to live among friends who help you and things won't change anytime soon.

The Keeper

Image "Keeper.png"The Keeper of the Temple of Peace is a well-respected wise man. Even leaders of nations seek his advice. He lives in the temple and takes care of the holy tree.

A long time ago when he was still a young man, the world wasn't as peaceful as it is today. One day a stranger came to his town and told him a story about a tree and a temple that could bring peace to the land. The young man was thrilled. If this temple could really bring back peace, he had to search for it. Eventually, he found it, but it lay in ruins and there wasn't even a tree to begin with. Still, he did find some clues where he could get a seed to plant a new tree.

After a long and dangerous journey, the young man brought back the seed. When he planted it in the temple, the tree grew very fast. People from all parts of the country came to see the tree and help him rebuilding the temple. And they lived in peace ever after.

The thief

Image "Thief.png"This is the thief who stole the gems from the holy tree. We are not sure who he is, but we are confident that his identity will be revealed.

The thief hid the gems and protected the hiding places with puzzles. It seems like that he wasn't after the gems themselves, but just wanted to prove how smart he is.