Way to Go! on GamersGate

May 22th 2013
Image "Gamersgate_black.png"Way to Go! is now available on GamersGate. Click on the logo to the left or follow this link to open the shop site.
Way to Go! is available there for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can play it in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

List of all shops for Way to Go!: Where to buy Way to Go!

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Nice review and video on "Dad's Gaming Addiction"

May 13th 2013
Image "Egg_Front.png"Vincent Paone has reviewed Way to Go! on his website Dad's Gaming Addiction. He says "the puzzles themselves are actually fairly challenging" and the graphics "while cartoonish, are beautiful and fun to look at".
He concludes that "as a puzzle game, “Way to Go!” has a lot going for it". He has also done a nice gameplay video in which he explains in detail how Way to Go! works.

Why don't you just read the full review here while you download the free demo?

Review on Dad's gaming addiction
Gameplay video on youtube
Get the demo!

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Way to Go! on Desura

May 8th 2013
Image "desura_Logo_small.png"We are very happy to announce that Way to Go! is available on Desura now. Click on the logo to the left or follow this link to take a look at our shop site.
Way to Go! is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can play it in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Have fun!

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Way to Go! at Greenlight!

April 29th 2013

Way to Go! is now on Steam Greenlight. Help us getting our game on Steam and vote for us. When you are on the site please leave a comment.
Click on the banner above or follow this link to get to the Greenlight page.

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Play the demo!

April 20th 2013
Image "WaytoGo_PlayDemoGraphic_small.png"The playable Demo for "Way to Go!" is available.
Just hop over to the download page and get your favourite version.
You can play the Demo on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Meet Rob, Egg and Liz and enjoy the puzzles!

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Watch the trailer!

April 15th 2013

We have released the trailer for "Way to Go!". Take a look and see the heroes in action. Have fun!

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Release at IndieCity!

April 8th 2013
Image "indiecity_badge.png"
Today is a big day for us: Way to Go! is available at IndieCity!

You can find the shop site for our game here:
Way to go! at IndieCity.

If you don't know IndieCity, we recommend you take a closer look. IndieCity is an online shop only for Indie games.

We have worked very hard for the last two years to make "Way to Go!" a great Indie game and we are very happy that the game is live now.

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Way to Go!

March 11th 2013
Image "The Game:RobEggLiz.png"
We have a new name for our game. The new name is "Way to Go!", as you might have guessed from looking at the top of this page.
The game itself hasn't changed. "Way to Go!" is the still the same funny, smart and user-friendly indie game that it ever was. The heroes Rob, Egg & Liz are of course still the main characters and the puzzles are as interesting as before.
"Way to Go!" is in beta at the moment and will be available soon for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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About Lizards and a thief

November 26th 2012
Image "The Game:Liz.png"
The character descriptions are complete. Take a look at the site to learn more about the cast of the game.

Read all about the friendly Lizards and why they are very popular guests plus more about the a mysterious thief and his strange intentions.

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November 20th 2012
Image "Keeper_Chair_Hat_Glasses.png"
We have added the character description of the Keeper.
He is the one who sends Rob, Egg and Liz on a mission to bring back the gems. Take a look at the Characters section of this site to learn more about him.

The description is brief but it shows that the Keeper is an interesting chap. There is a good chance his story will be detailed in a game in its own right, too. But first you have to find the gems and rebuild the Holy Tree!

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November 13th 2012
Image "AboutUs:RobEggLiz.png"We at makivision games are happy to officially announce our next game "Rob, Egg & Liz".
It's a puzzle game with cute characters, a nice story and many great features.
We managed to create the unbelievable number of 406 levels. Yes, we are serious: 406 handmade levels!

On this website you can find all about "Rob, Egg & Liz".
Look here for a description of the game. On this site you can learn about the features in detail. But maybe you want to start by looking at the first couple of screenshots?

We will shortly add more content to this site, including gameplay videos of the game. Make sure you check them out!

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